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The guild killer slain!!!

Fynn a posted Jun 14, 11
Hey dudes and ladies! 
Guess what we did?!

That's right! We killed ourselves a dragon!! And neka/sauce changed his name to Sauceboss.
Nekaros a Nefarian the Guild Destroyer is down, and we only had to circulate like 5 members of the core group, this is no real bos...
Nekaros a Nefarian the Guild Destroyer is down, and we only had to circulate like 5 members of the core group, this is no real bos...

Shake off the rust

Fynn a posted May 31, 11
Good morning ladies and gents.
I wanted to update the site for those of you that are not active on the guild facebook page(frostwolf clan). It's been a rusty couple of week for both group 1 and group 2, today marks a new week and of course resets. 

Before accepting this evenings group invites take a minute to shake off the rust, stress and disappointment from pervious weeks and remind yourself that you are here raiding with your guild family. Together we will succeed because without the great team of players we have Frostwolf would not be where it is. I want each and everyone of you to know that I truly appreciate all of your hard work. Be it making pots and food , learning new strats or re-rolling a new toon for the good of the group; everyone has done their share in helping us succeed. 

With that, get ready for the next few weeks of nothing but Nef. Guild goal is to have our Blackwing Decent guild achieve before patch 4.2 comes out. 

No Fucking Mercy.
For Frostwolf!


Frostwolf Chimaeron 10M

Fynn a posted Apr 21, 11

Changes, Achieves and Awesome

Fynn a posted Apr 16, 11
Hello everyone!
It's been a a bit since I've updated the ol' guild website. There have been some changes to the core and also added the 2nd group officially. In terms of when they raid...haven't the slightest idea yet.  I'll get back to you all on that.

New things to come:
A few kill screenshots
2 Guild videos, Ascendant council and the guild Chimaeron Achieve.

Stayed tuned for all the awesome updates.


Tonight was another wicked night! Not only did we two shot the hardest drake combo in BoT but we also got the honor to welcome our new MT Serviak! Frostwolf rolls with 3 Dks, like a boss. Here are the screen shots from last night raid progression.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And just for laughs. This was suposed to be Theralion's voice. Roflcopter!

IMPORTANT: Check the forums for Neka's post on awesome raid ad-ons that we recommend and require for all our core raiders in both group 1 and group 2.  If you are a weekend warrior talk to Mazcrom about getting into saturday afternoon's raid. Don't qq if you don't get an auto invite, we can't read your mind!

Alrighty ladies and gents! Get ready for 8/12 Council and Arty are going down! Great job again guild and team on a successful second week of raiding and caping the guild level. I couldn't be more proud!

For Frostwolf!